Are you curious about undergoing breast augmentation surgery, but don’t know exactly where to start?

To help you decide, we’ve put together some of the reasons why you should pick either saline or silicone breast implants in Singapore.

Important Things to Consider 

 1. Difference between silicone and saline implants   

Silicone gel implants are the most popular implants in the world. They have a solid silicone outer shell and a soft but cohesive silicone gel inside. This gel is an inert polymer with no known human allergies, sensitivities or reactions. It has a density and ‘feel’, very similar to that of natural breast tissue.  Should the outer shell rupture, the gel will stay intact and not ooze out or diffuse. The breasts will remain symmetrical and the patient may not even realise that the implants are ruptured. It does not require immediate replacement.

Saline-filled implants have an outer silicone shell and are filled with saline. They are indicated for women who may fear any potential complications of silicone gel implants. They are extremely safe but should the outer shell rupture, the saline will leak out and be absorbed by the body. The affected breast will then immediately deflate and will need to be urgently replaced to avoid obvious asymmetry of the breasts.

 2. How The Implants Feel 

Both types of implants have a distinct feel to them once they are placed. Both can feel extremely soft and natural and yet slightly different. Saline implants feel ‘lighter’ and more mobile. Silicone implants can feel a little heavier and denser which is what some patients prefer.

 3. Aesthetic Look Of The Implants 

Saline and silicone implants have their own unique look. Saline implants tend to have a higher profile, which means that the implant is more filled and projected. This also reduces the incidence of a sloshy feeling when the patient moves her breasts. Silicone gel implants can be either high, moderate or low profile in nature, giving either fuller wider breasts or narrow-based perky breasts as the patient desires. Your surgeon will discuss with you which is the most appropriate implant size and shape for your body.

 4. How Long Do They Last 

Most implants are designed to be very durable. However, you may need to change/replace your implants at some point in time. This could be anywhere from 10 to 20 years later and is usually necessary only if the implant forms a hardened capsule around it (which can sometimes be painful), develops visible or palpable rippling or becomes distorted in shape and therefore asymmetrical or if it ruptures.

 5. What will your surgeon choose for you? 

This really depends on your surgeon’s experience with a variety of different implants, and above all, his technical capability and artistic temperament and preferences.

Dr Wu has been performing breast implant surgery in Singapore for over 32 years. He has used all kinds of implants (including liquid silicone, soya bean oil, polyurethane, cohesive gel and saline), with both textured and smooth silicone shells. He has placed them under or above the muscle and has used a variety of surgical approaches whether through the breast crease, the areolar or the armpit.

Dr Wu will work closely with the patient to help her achieve her desired shape and size. He performs the surgery with a “stealth” (invisible) incision either at the breast crease or the areola to minimise any tell-tale scarring. In order to achieve good lower pole definition and projection, Dr Wu prefers the use of high-profile silicone gel implants placed in front of the pectoral muscle but behind the breast tissue. This allows the implants to move freely with the natural breasts. It also does not interfere with breast examination or mammography.

Dr Woffles Wu
Dr Woffles Wu
MBBS (Singapore)
FRCS (Edin)
FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Think of plastic surgery in Asia and one name immediately springs to mind – Dr Woffles Wu! This innovative and exciting plastic surgeon from Singapore has for years been the name on the lips of men and women seeking aesthetic perfection. Armed with an impeccable eye for beauty, balance and harmony Dr Wu, dubbed Asia’s Beauty Guru by the Hongkong press has reinvented and promoted the concept of Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation(NSFR). He is today one of the most sought after speakers around the world on this topic demonstrating his combination of Injectables, Fillers, IPL Photorejuvenation and his invention, the WOFFLES LIFT to achieve facial rejuvenation without downtime.