I just went through a nasty divorce and have noticed a lot of lines developing around my eyes and mouth, making me look really worried and depressed. Do I need Botox or fillers to help me at least look more pleasant, even though I feel lousy?
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Botox and fillers have totally different actions although in some areas of the face, the end result can be similar. I like to use both at the same time but in different parts of the face so that they synergies and look more natural.

What is Botox?

Botox is a medicine made of a purified protein complex that relaxes muscles when injected into them. It works by blocking the transmission of electrical signals from the nerve to the muscle. Its action is confined only to the muscle injected so it’s very safe. Given in small doses, it has no volume effect ( it doesn’t occupy any space).

What are Face Fillers?

Fillers are synthetic substitutes of collagen, the soft tissue “glue” existing in our body naturally. They occupy space and their purpose is to fill. They can be made of collagen (from cows), hyaluronic acid (HA) or hyaluronic acid mixed with a proportion of plastic or bone particles that do not disappear with time. This makes fillers last longer.

With worry and stress, bad facial habits or just plain age, we tend to develop distinct groups of lines and grooves around the eyes and mouth. The most negative frown lines are those between your eyebrows and the central part of the forehead, all due to subconscious frowning from unwanted muscle contractions. You will also notice that when you frown, the level of the eyebrows drop, in turn making the eyes look puffy and tired. The best solution is to inject Botox to effectively relax the stressed muscles. If the lines still persist then it would be appropriate to plump them up with some fillers.

To give the eyes a fresh and pleasant appearance and smoothen the area around them, I like to inject a ring of Botox around the top and sides of the eyes as well as into the forehead. If performed well, this combination of Botox injections can even give a ‘browlift’ effect, instead of doing a surgical procedure.

For the deep grooves that stretch down from the nose to the corner of the mouth or from the corner of the mouth down to the jowls, I prefer to use a filler material. These lines are formed as a result of gravity and loss of volume from the midface rather than from muscle movements.

Thus the logical solution is to surgically restore that volume with internal implants or more conveniently, off-the-shelf fillers. Sunken cheeks and facial hollows are restored to a three-dimensional and vibrant appearance. Botox is not used in these areas as it may weaken the smile muscles making the patient look asymmetrical or a little peculiar.

With age and stress the muscles of the chin can give a sour, dimply appearance. A little Botox and judicious use of fillers can make the chin sharper, sweeter and more youthful.

Dr Woffles Wu
Dr Woffles Wu
MBBS (Singapore)
FRCS (Edin)
FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Think of plastic surgery in Asia and one name immediately springs to mind – Dr Woffles Wu! This innovative and exciting plastic surgeon from Singapore has for years been the name on the lips of men and women seeking aesthetic perfection. Armed with an impeccable eye for beauty, balance and harmony Dr Wu, dubbed Asia’s Beauty Guru by the Hongkong press has reinvented and promoted the concept of Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation(NSFR). He is today one of the most sought after speakers around the world on this topic demonstrating his combination of Injectables, Fillers, IPL Photorejuvenation and his invention, the WOFFLES LIFT to achieve facial rejuvenation without downtime.